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Part Two-Persevering


During the week of Barry’s grand opening, Lauren was also feeling a bit worse for wear. She was basically a glorified secretary. She was unbelievably frustrated at her situation and her job, and felt she was back where she started with nothing to show for all her hard work. Lauren used to have all this excitement for her talent and her future in marketing, but life was starting to get her down. Even seeing other people be happy made her angry. She overheard a girl at the coffee shop talking about how she was hired  for a marketing project on some website. She was so excited about it, and could not wait to get started. Lauren seethed with jealousy at this person’s luck and excitement about her work, when she could not feel the same about her own in the same line of work.

Later that week Lauren decided she needed to get away and talk through everything with  someone. She invited her best friend Sarah for some weekend hiking. Sarah asked how Lauren was liking her job and how everything was going, and Lauren could not help but tear up as she told her friend how all of her ideas and hard work went unnoticed. She even told Sarah about that website those girls were talking about and how some people were just so lucky. Sarah replied and told her she had actually heard of several individual marketers and graphic designers who had found work on this website. Lauren thought it sounded crazy, and a bit too good to be true. She was never the type of person to give up and thought she could just tough it out at her job. She returned to work on Monday.

She tried this strategy for awhile, but work just was not getting better. Her mind kept drifting to the website, but she was convinced to be stubborn, and pushed the thought away. That did not prove to be an effective strategy, and the more she hated her job, the more she thought about her friends suggestion. Work kept getting worse, and she decided that at this point, she would do anything to be able to put her creativity to real use. That night, she made an account, and waited.

That same night, Barry was looking over his books, and saw nothing but red. He was bleeding money and had no idea what to do. He knew his problem was that nobody knew about his restaurant. He was convinced that if he could only get the people to eat there, if he could only market better, they would love it, and come back for more. That being said, he had no idea where to start, or what to do. He barely slept that night.

The next morning, just like every morning since the grand opening, he woke up early and headed to the restaurant. And just like every morning, he got angry at the sign on the bench across the street. It may sound a bit ridiculous, a grown man getting angry at a sign on a bench, but he could not help but be envious of their ad when he himself was unable to get the word out about his own restaurant.

This morning however, he decided to look up what the sign was advertising. He figured if he it was going to made him angry, he should at least know what he was getting mad at. When he looked it up, he almost laughed himself to tears. All this time, he had been getting mad at the possible solution to all his problems. He spent his free time that morning on the website, and could not help but feel a little hopeful.

Author: Andrea Bausch


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