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The Ultimate Showdown of Smart Trackers: Nut, Tile, and TrackR

Did you know? The average American spends 6 mins every morning looking for their keys. Adulting is hard, and a main part of adulting is keeping track of where things are. With so many smart trackers out in the market right now, the prominent ones being Tile, Nut, and TrackR, which one proves to be the most helpful in keeping track of your things?


​Usage:Both three smart trackers connect through bluetooth, and have all the basic functions – by connecting the trackers to your phone, and attaching them to your things, you can locate your lost items with the click of a button in the respective apps. Similarly, you can use all three trackers to locate your phone if you lost it. By pressing the buttons on the trackers, your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent mode, for you to locate it.

These three different brands of smart trackers, however, differ in their alert volumes. Many users have complained that TrackR ringers are too faint for them to hear, especially when there is any slight background noise. TrackR, however, have built-in LED lights that flashes as it rings. (Though lights might not be of much use if your lost keys are buried under things.) Nut trackers have the loudest ring among the three, enabling its users to follow the beeping to locate their lost item quicker.


These three different brands of smart trackers also have slightly different bluetooth connectivity ranges. Among these three trackers, Tile wins the race with a connectivity range of 200 ft. Nut comes a close second, covering 150 ft. TrackR comes last, covering only 100 ft.​Location function:

Nut, Tile, and TrackR all have a “last seen at” function. If you lost your phone and is already 200 ft away, you can use the app to find out where your tracker is last connected to your phone on the map. All three trackers also have a Crowd GPS function, which means if any other users who are also using the same tracking app as you walk past your lost item, their phone will automatically ping you the location of your lost item once you declared it lost.


If saving a couple extra dollars is your thing, Nut Find Smart Trackers sell for only $19.99 each, and is the cheapest options among the three. Tile Trackers come at a close second, selling for $25 each. The most expensive smart tracker in the market is TrackR’s Bravo, which costs $29.99. Though TrackR Bravo trackers are made with brushed aluminum, which justifies the price a little more. But if you just want a tracker that does its job as is, Nut Find Smart Trackers guarantees a job well done. It also comes in a sleek wave design on their bodies, and is offered in 4 different colors.


Battery Life:

All three trackers’ battery lives last about a year before you have to change batteries. Nut and TrackR uses coin-cell batteries, and can be changed by the user easily. Both companies will send you alerts when the battery is almost out, letting you know that it is about time to give your trackers a little refresh.

Tile has a reTile battery program. Essentially, when it’s about time you need a new battery, they will send you an email with a discount code where you can order a new batch. The new order will come with a prepaid envelope which you can use to return your old ones for them to recycle.

If you’d like to be environmentally conscious, Tile will be the better option. But if you’d like to save all the fuss of mailing and reordering back and forth (because we are all already so busy with adulting), Nut Trackers are your the way to go!


An Extra Step of Prevention:Among these three trackers, only Nut trackers will ring and send you audio notifications if you’ve left something behind. That means that Nut trackers will take the extra (and much needed) step to notify you that you’ve left your keys, or wallet, or whatever you’ve attached the tracker on behind before you actually lose them. How thoughtful! Don’t worry. You can set a silent zone and range in your app so that your Nut Smart Tracker will not beep constantly when you leave your tablet in the kitchen to go into the bathroom.


After weighing all the different elements of these three main smart trackers on the market, we came to a conclusion that…

Nut proves to be better among the three, not only with its price, but also with its overall usage and volume, it’s no-fuss battery-change process, and most importantly, for the fact that it reminds users that they are leaving something behind, before users can have the chance to lose their thing.
Do you agree with us? Nut, Tile, and TrackR, which one would you prefer? Leave us a comment down below!

Written by AnyaUp Creatives and Marketing. Interested in our services? Check out our services here!

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From #passion to #profession: Sam’s journey towards marketing guru on AnyaUp

Sam's Journey On AnyaUp
Sam’s Journey On AnyaUp

In this episode, we sat down with one of our marketing creatives, Sam Grossman to hear his stories with AnyaUp. Sam has grown from a passionate creative to a customer beloved marketing guru with us, we are happy to ask him a few questions and learn about his journey with AnyaUp.  

What is AnyaUp to you(a creative)?

Quickly after being introduced to AnyaUp it became a valuable resource in constantly finding new and exciting projects to take on. Just as it has for me, the AnyaUp platform will allow you to really grow  your personal brand and business. The signup process was clear and easy and within 15 minutes I was ready to seek out my next marketing mission. With the AnyaUp platform I am essentially able to create a portfolio of my previous projects and everything gets formatted in an easy to navigate profile page. Prospective employers have had no difficulty in assessing the type of projects I have completed in the past and determining if my skills are the right fit for the job.

What was life like before AnyaUp?

Before I became a member of AnyaUp it was honestly pretty tough to find the kind of creative marketing work that I really wanted to do. I was very passionate, but also relatively new to the industry so I didn’t have the connections I needed to consistently find work. I was doing whatever it took to keep going on in my contract marketing career; those long hours cold-calling, cold-emailing, and scrolling through dozens of job boards were certainly worth it to do what I love, but it is about the farthest thing from a perk of the job. Without AnyaUp I would still likely be strained to find my next projects and be unable to dedicate as many hours as possible to my actual marketing work..

Why AnyaUp?

As a creative marketer I have always liked getting involved in lots of different really fun and unique projects. One of the best ways to get exposure to so many different projects, companies, and industries was through the world of contract marketing. Going project by project also allowed me to keep a flexible schedule and ensure that I could easily meet my other obligations as a student. While I certainly enjoyed the freedom of short-term, open-ended projects it became tough to actually find projects that I wanted to take on. Most of my business came through referrals from current and past clients, but there were few other resources for finding work. With AnyaUp finding my next great project is no trouble at all!

Sam's Creative Profile on AnyaUp
Sam’s Creative Profile on AnyaUp

What is the value AnyaUp has provided?

In terms of finding projects to take on, that has been a breeze. The way the platform works is that companies will post job listings and include a fair amount of detail as to what their specific projects will entail. This allows me to determine which projects will actually be a good fit for my skillset rather than wasting my time applying to task for, which I don’t have the skills and other candidates would be a better fit. One of the other more personalized features of the platform is that neither the platform nor the business ultimately set my fee. Creatives, such as myself, are able to place bids in to work on projects and companies will then choose the proper combination of price and experience level to ultimately get their best value out of their marketing budgets.

What is some of the work I have done with AnyaUp?

Among my projects, working with the IoT company Corto has been among the most rewarding. We started working closely with Corto during their website and logo redesign, aided in not only growing Corto’s social media presence, but additionally I created marketing videos that would be used both on their website and social media. Here is a link to the video I crafted for Corto. Additionally Corto’s Twitter received a great boost in followers thanks to some adorable animals, babies, and organic marketing magic. The hard work finally pays off, I am happy to see that Corto is growing to become the leading framework in the rapidly growing IoT industry.

Why will I stick with AnyaUp?

Ultimately the AnyaUp platform has become my top resource when it comes to finding contract work. Unlike many other jobs posting websites companies can go onto AnyaUp with a specific purpose. This eliminates much of the waste in the contract employment sector that can frustrate both employers and potential employees. As a creative myself who has used a variety of different jobs boards myself I can legitimately say that AnyaUp has an impressively clean platform that allows me to find the right jobs with the right employers.

What I would suggest to newcomers?

I would urge other creatives to come and join the platform, with more combined creative force it will only bring us more collective opportunity, and allow you the chance to accelerate your own personal business. AnyaUp is easy and clean, unlike websites such as Fiverr or Upwork you the creative are in control. You set your own prices, select your projects, and ultimately get the freedom you need to love your job. However, if I had to give one piece of advice to the newcomers it would be to not be afraid to showcase all of your skills no matter how insignificant they may seem. There are so many different businesses looking for so many different types of marketing that there is always going to be a niche to be filled, hopefully by you!

Want to turn your passion into profession? Sign up on AnyaUp here.

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College Grad Creative Andrea Finds Success on AnyaUp

Just as most of college graduates, Andrea Bausch started as a passionate creative. In this post, we wanted to share with you Andrea (Addie)’s journey with AnyaUp, how did Addie’s life has changed and her creative potential shines on AnyaUp. Hope you enjoy the ride!

AnyaUp Creative Success Stories - Andrea Bausch
AnyaUp Creative Success Stories – Andrea Bausch

So how did you even hear about AnyaUp?

 I have to start a little further back for this one. During college, it honestly took me ages to find my major. In fact, I switched so many times, I graduated a year later than all my friends. When I finally decided to try out marketing, something just clicked. Yeah, I hated the finance classes, and accounting is seriously not my thing, but, passed all that, when it all came down to it, those classes were all worth finally being able to do what I felt I was meant to do.

Unfortunately, shortly before discovering AnyaUp, I was in a dead-end job that my degree had not at all prepared me for: I worked under people who had been there longer than I (everyone), and only got to give input on focus group results. It was not at all what I thought life post-degree would be like. That’s when I saw an ad on Facebook. Yeah I know, how cheesy, but that’s honestly how it happened. Normally ads interrupting my regularly scheduled social media scrolling seriously irritate me, but I saw the words “creative marketing” and I could only think “I wish,” so I clicked.

Why AnyaUp?

That’s a fair question. With all the online resources in the world today (LinkdIn, Career Centers, even Facebook) why AnyaUp?

In my mind, there is no better coming together of everything you need better than AnyaUp. Yeah, LinkedIn lets you list your resume, and link with people you know, but AnyaUp lets you build your portfolio, make money, meet future connections (maybe people you put on your linkedIn!) and make a difference in people’s lives that need your help. This is everything in one place, without compromise. It’s easy, simple, and profitable. It just doesn’t get much better.

Well, what happened next?

I was a little skeptical at first, like this could actually solve any of my real-life problems. Well, I figured why not and went ahead and made my creative profile. It turns out AnyaUp was just what I needed. AnyaUp allowed me to do actual marketing, I created websites, desgined campaigns, even gave business owners advice going forward.

One of my favorite projects of all-time is for a business called HelloLocal. Absolutely awesome business, absolutely awesome people. To put it simply, it’s like Groupon for hotel guests, pretty sweet right? Well, we matched on AnyaUp, and I knew formt he beginning I could do what they needed. They needed some digital marketing campaigning, so I created a video for them. It’s very short, but it gets their basic business outline and potential savings when you use them, across to the viewer.  I’ll put their link at the bottom of this page along with the video I made, if you care to admire it!

Basically, businesses create projects, and I would pick up projects that I really thought I could kick-butt at! All the business I did/do help, are small businesses that have no need to hire giant marketing firms to charge them an arm and a leg for, when people like me could help out on a smaller and more personal scale. I was finally doing what my degree prepared me for.

So what are you up to now?

Now, I have oh so thankfully quit that job, and am continuing to make extra revenue through AnyaUp. The best part is, my portfolio has grown exponentially since AnyaUp, and now I’m able to apply for jobs that I really want, because my qualifications, experience, and references have all taken my resume to the next level. I actually have a job interview for a marketing firm next week (wish me luck)!

Anything else to say?

Of course! My advice to all of you, who have stuck through this to the end, is to just go for it. Firstly, a little extra cash never hurt anyone. Secondly, what could it possibly hurt to put yourself out there? Life is too short to settle, and selling yourself short. You have talent and passion that could help more people than just yourself: businesses are waiting for you.